Thursday, March 29, 2012

Never Ending Card

Wow, this week has been a challenge!  At work the plot thickens as we head towards fiscal year end and budgets. ( I actually love it, so don't take this negatively)  On the home front, as a stress release, I will make many cards(and such)... :)

I have completed the never ending card! Still camera shots just do not do it justice.  The next best thing would be come to the workshop on April 21st and see it for yourself! ( yes, I believe I now have the correct date, egads!)  Also, take a look at my "ATC" tab.  It contains my latest artistic venture. 

Now here it is, the Never Ending Card... It has four sides and continues to open and fold from the first page to the last and back again.  Makes me sing that song; " I have a never ending love for you from now on..."  Bet you'll sing that song the rest of the day huh!, your welcome :)

I was so amazed that this card is only 4 pieces of paper! 



See you next time my crafty friends!

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Stampin' Pretty said...

beautiful! great use of DSP!
hugs, m

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