Friday, June 15, 2012

Name Change and of course a CARD

Well it was inevitable.  The name change I mean.  So an explanation is in order. My blog started as a personal endeavor (without stampin') therefore the title was a play on the most fashionable word ending at the time;  if you took notice, anything and everything ended in "licious".  My husband and I chuckled at this nonsense and I decided I would name my blog after my dog... yep, my dog, Eleanor.  Whose nick name is Ellie which, that's right, evolved into Ellalicious. The "Elements" was added to "tone it down a bit".  Weeell, I tried to post a card from my blog to Pinterest the other day and ... you guessed it; Pinterest said the name was a little shady and suspicious and was not going to let me post the darn thing.  Now, I had to laugh, out loud.  But that was when I realized that the name sounded a little risque and not a whole lot like a stampin' blog.  Hence, Stampin' Paradise was born. Now let's just hope "paradise (as in tropical)" doesn't create waves (a little pun there)  :)

On to the card!!  This card made me feel 1930's  French!  I love all the new stamps in my Stampinup! catalogue and this is just one of them.  I hope you love it also.  I call it my French Passion! (the name of the stamp set is Postage Due; I think they should let me name the stamp sets!)


Stephanie said...

Very lovely! This is a stamp set I am so enamored with, thanks for sharing your lovely design.

terriloo said...

Unlike the previous poster, this is a stamp set I was NOT going to get...until I saw your card! This is just gorgeous!

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